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Start a New Project
New projects are launched on the Projects tab by clicking on a Project tile. 

Project tiles unlock custom features, styles, wizards, presets, and layouts custom suitable for the selected job. 

Choose among Cards, Proof Book, Senior Book or Wedding Album - more options will be added in the coming months.

Note that you can create any type of album using the Senior Book or Wedding Album titles. These choices simply load preset colors and templates suitable for the particular task.

Similarly, you can repurpose Cards into posters or other one-sheet type projects.

Type a name for your new project to continue.

Load or Manage a Saved Project

Select Recent projects to see your last saved projects.

To navigate to a specific folder, click on the dropdown to select Explorer.

By default, your projects are saved to My Documents/Memento/Projects, but you can choose any folder on your system. 

Note: If you don't recall where you saved your projects, search your file manager for .memento files.

View and Sort Options

Change the size of the project thumbnail views by clicking on the icons in the top right corner.

Sort your projects by file date or file name.

Open a saved project

Hover over a project tile to launch it for editing - click on the Pencil icon to open the file.

Duplicate a project

Hover over a project tile to make a copy of it - click on the Duplicate icon.

You can then edit it to reversion it.

Deleting a project

Hover over a project tile to delete it - click on the Trash Can icon.


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