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The EDITOR tab: Book Editor

The Book editor displays your entire project as a multi-page preview. 

When you start a new album project, your book will appear only as a one single blank spread or three blank pages (single first page, single spread, single last page), depending on your Settings choices.

The Book Editor and the Photo colletction both allow for customatization of the preview size. 

Slide the Thumbnail on the top right of either area slider to increase or decrease the number of thumbnails per line.

Building an Album in the Book Editor

There are three ways to build an album:  Timeline mode, manually (per page), or the album wizard.

Building an album with your Timeline

Timeline mode lets you divide your photo collection - organized by time stamp - instantly into pages.

Click on the eye icon in the Photo collection to switch to the timeline mode.

When starting a new album, the timeline displays your photos sorted by date/time.

In the Photo collection, unused images appear to the right, and a blank page area appears to the left.

Create a page on the timeline in one of three ways:

Option 1: Simply hover between two photos and then click on the + sign.

The photos to the left of the division will automatically apply to a spread and then be sorted into a page collection.

Option 2: Drag a selection of photos in-between spreads...
or drag photos in-between collections in the photo collection area.

A new spread and collection will be created at that position in the timeline.

Building an album by drag-and-drop

You can also drag photos directly onto a spread above in the book preview area - this will apply the photo to an existing spread in a new layout, and will add them to the pages' collection in the photo preview area.

Simply drag photos from one collection to another. This will trigger a new layout to be created on the selected spread.
Building albums
 one page at a time

Add pages to your project by hovering over a page.

Click the + sign on either side of the page.

A new page will appear on the selected side.

Next, drag images from the Collection pane directly onto a page.  

You can select images individually then drag to a page..

Or you can drag over adjacent images to multi-select them, then to drag to a page to be automatically arranged into a layout...

Alternatively, hold the Control key to select individual images, then drag your selection to a page for auto-layou

Note the "used" image indicators on the image collection thumbnails. As soon as an image has been added to a page, it will be marked with a green corner. If an image is used more than once, it will be marked with an orange corner.

Once images have been added to the pages, you can auto-shuffle layouts

Click on the icons on top of individual pages to shuffle through premade layouts. 

Note: some controls will not be visible if your page Thumbnail size is small. Increase the size of your page thumbnails to make all controls available.

You can shuffle the right side or the left side individually, or shuffle both sides respecting the gutter or across the gutter.

If images are placed across the gutter layout, first reshuffle them to respect the gutter to enable per side shuffling.

You can drag additional images to your layout at any time, prompting them to reshuffle again.

Building an album with the Album Wizard

Depending on the project type selected under the Projects tab, the Book Editor may offer a Wizard Tool to help you build a project in seconds. 

The wizard option lets you specify the number of pages, or number of images on your pages, and other formatting options. After choosing your options, a complete album is created, ready for fine-tune editing.

Click on the light bulb icon to launch the wizard.

Memento Pro currently includes three project types with two distinct wizards. 

Follow these links to learn more about the particular wizards.

Page Management options
The Book editor lets you manage your pages within your project.

To duplicate a page,  hover over the page and click on the Duplicate icon.

To reorder your pages, select a page and drag it to a new position in the page order.

To delete a single page, hover over the page and click on the - icon.

To delete multiple pages, hold the Control key and select individual pages, then click on the General icon to remove the selected pages.

Image Spacing options

You can apply new spacing between images to individual pages in your book.

By default, your layouts will be made with zero padding between adjacent image frames. To add padding between adjacent frames, change the spacing slider, and then apply a new layout to the page

Page Editing

To edit a page in full-screen view, select the page and click on the Pencil icon. 

Style Presets

On the left-side of the Book editor, you will find convenient style presets.

Styles can affect all elements on your page:
  • background color
  • feature vs regular frame attributes (borders, image filters, etc.)
  • text (font, size, etc.)
  • shapes
  • style-sensitive decorations

Click on any of the Style presets to update your pages.

You can also apply a Style preset to selected pages.

Learn more here.

Apply to all pages...
Apply to selected pages...

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