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How do I create a custom project or page size?

If your preferred album manufacturer does not appear under Settings in the Printing Services area, you can create a custom page size.
Many album manufacturers will list general product sizes on their website. However, there may be extra details you'll need to get the products correct.

What you need to know

  • The height and width of a trimmed spread (double-page spread). This is the exact finished dimensions of your page.
  • The safe insets for the top, bottom, gutter and edge of the spread. The safe inset is a recommended margin, inside which all content on your page is assured to not be cut off after the book is trimmed.
  • The bleed inflate for the top, bottom, gutter and edge of the spread. The bleed inflate adds extra padding to your page, ensuring that content that extends to the outer edge of your trimmed sheet goes right to the edge of the page, leaving no unprinted paper.
  • If the product includes a cover, the width(s) of the spine is needed. Note the spine value is included in the height and width of the trimmed page, and that spines will grow with added number of pages.

We invite album manufacturers to include their products in Memento. We can add basic dimensions, which are free of charge or we have enhanced listings available as an option also. Learn more about the Printing Provider program on the Memento website.

Note that the dimensions must directly come from an authorized associate of the printing company, and not from one of their customers. Please contact the LumaPix support team for details.

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