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Can I use my Memento Pro subscription on more than one computer?

Individual clients may install Memento Pro on more than one computer and activate their subscription on more than one machine. 

This may be done to enable personal flexibility, but not to enable multiple users on a single account. 
Only one computer can actively use the Memento subscription at a time. Each user requires their own subscription. 

Fair use example:

Anna own a small photo business. She has two desktop machines in her office and a portable laptop. Anna can register Memento Pro on all three machines, providing that only one of the three computers is actively using the software at a time. This allows her the flexibility she requires to produce albums at home, at work, and on the road.

Unfair use example:

Mike and Pat own a printing company. They offer custom album design services to their customers, and have three customer support staff who use Memento Pro. They install the software on six computers in their studio and on their personal laptops and attempt to register all six computers under a single account. Two or more employees build albums under this same account at the same time. This will result in an account suspension - each person using the software needs their own account.

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