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How do I start building albums with Memento Pro?

When you first download Memento Pro, you will be using the software in trial mode.

You can build entire albums in trial mode - there is no time limit to use the software.

To learn how to build albums, view the Getting Started video to see our quick run-through on the Memento Pro workflow method.
We also maintain a video gallery on the Memento Pro website so you can see the software features in action.

Next, if you like guided user-manual style learning, consult the Step-by-Step guide brings you into the details of each section of the software on a tab-by-tab basis.

If you prefer to work on a more intuitive basis, and need help on particular editing-type tools in the software, consult the Image Options & Effects and Text Options & Effects sections. For layout and workflow related questions, consult the How do I? section. Notice that Memento Pro offers tool tips and links to articles directly in the software - hover over the controls to access the articles (available

Once you've completed your album and need to send it off for printing, or you'd like to use the Memento Review app to send the project to your customer, subscribe to the software. Details on subscription and its benefits can be found here.

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