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What can I build with Memento Pro?

Memento Pro is designed to optimize your workflow on a project-type basis. 

The Projects tab shows task-specific workflow tiles. Each workflow tile unlock features - page types, wizards, styles, templates, decorations and other aspects particular to the project type.

  • Choose Cards to make invitations, single page posters or a wall-sized collage.
  • Choose the Generic Photo Album to build travel albums, baby books or any multi-page album format. Styling features are kept simple for this workflow to allow you to customize the book according to your theme.
  • Choose the Proof Book to make contact-sheet styled pages or a labelled catalogue of your photos.
  • Choose the Wedding Album to build albums for special events, using traditional wedding styling options.

Both album workflow tiles give you access time-saving automation features such as the Album Wizard or Timeline mode to put your images into pro-layout quickly. Use these or the proof book to build a marketing presentation, shareable by slide show or web album (available with subscription).

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