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What can I build with Memento Pro?

Memento Pro is designed to optimize your workflow on a project-type basis. 

Under the Projects tab, you will find project-specific tiles for specific types of projects. 

The tiles unlock features, such page types, wizards, styles, templates, decorations and other features particular to the project type.

That being said, you can use a work tile to make a different type of project other than the suggested use.

  • Build travel albums, baby books, special event albums, or any multi-page album format using the Wedding Album or Generic Photo Album tiles.
  • Build a poster, flyer or wall-sized collage using the Cards option and custom page sizes.
  • Create a labelled grid-style photo album or contact sheet using the Proof Book tile.
  • Use an album to build a marketing presentation, shareable by slide show or web album.

Our team will be building new workflows and product types soon. Keep your software updated to benefit from the new tools we add on a regular basis.

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