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Image shadow properties can be changed by accessing the Shadow attribute options.

To access the shadow attributes, select one or more images on your canvas, then click on the second icon in the second line.

Turn on the shadow by clicking the Show Shadow box.
Shadow Color

Change the color of the shadow by clicking on the color swatch.

The color palette will appear - choose any color on the gamut, adjust the brightness, choose one of your style palette choices or use the eyedropper to saelect a color from the image.
Shadow Offset

Change the spread distance of the shadow by dragging the Offset slider. The further to the right it is dragged, the more the image appears to be floating off your page.
Shadow Angle

Change the direction that your shadow is cast by dragging on the Angle slider. The shadow will rotate around the image.
Shadow Transparency

Change the opacity level of the shadow by dragging on the Transparency slider. Drag the slider to the left to reduce the intensity of the shadow. 
Note: you can use the Shadow properties to create a traditional shadow, a sharp edge or a soft diffusion of colour around your images and text.

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