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Selecting text frames and text within frames

Text Selection

To select a single text frame, simply click on it.

To select more than one text frame, drag your mouse to catch both frames.

To select non-adjacent frames, hold the Ctl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key to individually add frames to your selection.

To select individual text characters within a frame, first select a text frame.

Next, double-click the frame to select all the text.
(If you type at this point, your text will be replaced. If you add an attribute, all the text will receive the attribute.)

Third, click into the text. Your cursor will appear when you clicked. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to move your cursor around the text.

Last, use your mouse to click then drag over a portion of the text. If you type, the selected text will be replaced. If you apply an attribute, only the selected text will receive the attribute.

To learn more about per-character versus per-frame text editing, consult the following article.

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