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How do I finalize my project to PSD format?

Under the Finalize tab, you can render your project to layered psd files.

Click on the PSD EXPORT option to start your render.

We suggest this option only in the following circumstances:
  • your printing company has requested psd files.
  • your images require color correction - either done in your own studio or provided by a professional color correction service.
  • you have used unretouched images in your project, and need to fine-tune edit them in place on your layouts.

Note: most printing services accept multi-page pdf files diretly or jpg files dropped into a file uploader service. If no retouching or color correction is required, use the JPG/PDF option. PSD files are quite large, harder to transfer and take quite some time to render.

A warning message may appear, prompting you to review potential problems in your project.

If you have already reviewed these items, then proceed to render.

If you have not already created an account and subscribed, you will be invited to do so at this point.

The Finalize window displays your render options.

First, give your project a name. It will display your Memento project name by default, but you can create a unique name for your final render should you want to.

Note: Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters in your file name to ensure it will be compatible with your system and your printer's uploader. Do not use punctuation or special characters such as $%^& in your file name.

Under Render options, choose where your pages will be trimmed.

Render Canvas only will trim your project exactly on its dimensions. It will not be lightly inflated as per your album settings. (It is best not use use this option if you are using a Memento partner preset.)

Choose Canvas + Bleed to trim at the Bleed edge.

Choose Canvas + Bleed + Crop Marks to trim at the Bleed edge and include cropmarks.

Under the Spread options, choose to render spreads as an entire file, or to render them split in two on the gutter line.

Format options will be disabled - PSD files render as layered (every item is on a separate layer) and as one file per page.
Last, choose your DPI.

300 DPI is suggested as the standard resolution for print-quality files.
Click Render to produce your psd files.

They will automatically be saved to Your Documents folder in the Memento\Projects\Final PSD\ folder, in a subfolder by the same name as your project.

You can open the file in Photoshop.

Notice how all elements have been saved to separate layers, which will allow you to edit or correct each element separately. 

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