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How do I make an slideshow for instant viewing?

Impress your event photography clients by creating a slideshow on demand. Imagine your clients' surprise when photos taken moments below are shared via large screen projection in a custom built slideshow. 

First, quickly transfer your event photos to your computer, and ensure you have an active internet connection.

 Launch Memento Pro, and get to work.

Create a new album project with a Custom page size. Set a high maximum number of pages and choose Spreads Only.  

Add your photos.

We suggest being a little selective - add the entire collection, then remove near-duplicates or context shots from the photo collection pane.

You can choose to add images individually. Hover over an image in the top pane, then click the + sign in the middle of the image to transfer it to the pane below.
You can also checkmark multiple images to add them all at once to the photo collection.
After selecting your photos, move to the Book editor.

Open the Book Wizard to start building your presentation.

Choose Single Image Layout...  and Centered- No Crop.

Click Build My Book to complete the layout.

The results: a series of two-images-per-spread series of pages.
If desired, add a Style to your book - this can add a background color to all pages and other attributes.

Save your project when you have finished customizing it.
Publish your project under the Finalize tab as a slideshow. 
Choose a background color...
And a slide transition rate... 5-7 seconds is recommended.

Publish the slideshow to begin the render & upload.

Note: you must be online and you must have an active subscription to complete this step.
After the slideshow has been published, you will receive an email with the link.

You can copy the URL directly after publishing or launch the slideshow directly in your browser too, if you will be sharing the slideshow from the same computer.

Launch the web page on a computer that is connected to a large monitor or a projection system at your event.

The slides will move forward automatically, allowing you to share the photos with the event attendees.

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