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The EDITOR tab: The Page editor - Layouts, Templates & Styles

Access design-acceleration tools in the left-side pane of the Page editor: Layouts, Templates, and Styles.

Layouts offer arrangements of undecorated image frames.

To apply a layout, choose the left side, right side, or spread option, then choose the number of image frames desired in the layout.  Click on the layout of your choice to apply it to your page.

You may add a layout to an empty page, or to one that has an equal or greater number of frames than images on your page. 

Learn how to shuffle layouts and how to use Layout Preview.

Templates are fully designed arrangements composed of image frames, text frames and decorative elements.

Templates collections are specific to the type of project you are working on. View all available templates or scope them by design collection.

A template may be applied to a page that already contains images. Click on your template choice, and it will apply to your layout.

Should the template have less frames available than the current number of photos on the page, the extra images will be placed back into the unused photo collection. Templates with an insufficient number of frames for your current design will be marked with a warning sign. 

Styles are preset attribute collections: background color, frame border color/shape/effect, text style/font, and decoration color/effects defaults are applied on a per page or to the entire book. A collection of preset styles is included, particular to the project type have selected.  View the video tutorial on Styles to learn more on their use.

Click on any style preview to apply the scheme to your current page. You can also style an entire book with a style preset in the Editor's book tab.

Learn more how to create a custom style to suit your own design sense and develop a personal inventory that reflects your type of work.


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