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Purchasing & Subscription Options

Memento Pro is free to download. You can build and save projects in the software without a subscription or a license.

Online services (web albums, review ap, slideshow) are enabled with a subscription. Final rendering to print-ready files is disabled in trial mode; subscribe or purchase a license to render to jpg, pdf, or psd.

Monthly SubscriptionPurchased License
Pricing$9.95 USD/month, auto-renewing until cancelled (Regional pricing is available)$99.95 USD
Export to print-ready PDF, JPG, PSD filesyesyes
Export to online Web Albumyes
Export to online Slide Showyes
Access to the online customer proofing/review appyes
Access to software updatesautomatic updates during active subscriptionautomatic updates for 1 year from time of purchase
Access to support servicesyes
1 year from time of purchase
Reinstallation on new computer (1 user)yes - download the latest version and login under My Accountyes - last build issued prior to the end of your support period
Additional feesnonepurchase a subscription to access cloud-based services

Purchasing a license or subscribing to MementoPro

To subscribe or purchase a license, first launch Memento Pro. Create a project or open one you've already worked on.

Next, go to the Finalize tab - choose JPG/PDF or PSD export.

Create a new account, if required, or access an existing account if you have already done so.

You'll be prompted to order a subscription or purchase a license in order to complete your project.

Once the license has been purchased or your subscription has started, you can proceed to render your project. Subscription holders will also be able to use online features, such as Web Albums, Slide Show and the Review app. 

Note that your subscription auto-renews each month until cancelled.

Subscription benefits

  • No high upfront costs:  Keep your money to invest in other aspects of your business.
  • Low monthly cost: It would take 2 1/2 years’ worth of Memento Pro subscription fees to reach the price of a flat-fee license. Regional pricing is available here.
  • No upgrade fees: Keep on the latest and best version of the software, available any time for (re)installation on Mac or PC.  Receive all new content (graphics, tools, layouts) when they are released.
  • No additional fees for online tools: Memento Pro offers a no-additional-charge customer proofing app with your subscription - don't pay extra for a third party service! Also benefit from the web album and slide show tools.
  • Use it when you need it:  Are you a part-time pro who works on a seasonal basis? Or do you need a tool to build the occasional album? If so, our subscription model will work for your budget. Simply subscribe when you need the tool. Turn off the subscription before your month’s end, and you won’t be charged again. Re-subscribe when it’s time to get back to work on your albums.

Fair use of your Memento Pro license

Your license entitles you as an individual user to access your account on one or more computers for your personal convenience - for instance, a studio desktop and a personal laptop, allowing you to work flexibly at work, at home and on the road. In this case, simply install Memento Pro on your second computer, then log in under the MY ACCOUNT link.

A single license may not be shared by two individual users in parallel, to enable multiple designers to work on multiple computers using the same account information. Multiple designers working at a studio must have separate subscription accounts. When an abuse of this nature is detected, the account and subscription will immediately be terminated.

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