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How do I make a collage automatically?

On the Editor's Page tab, access the AutoCollage feature to fill your entire page from margin to margin with a "best fit" of images. Add image to your page - left side, right side, or both. Click on the AutoCollage tool on the right side menu.

To autocollage either side or the entire spread, do not select any images on the page. Simply click any of the side or spread options under the AutoCollage icon and the corresponding page(s) will reorganize to fit the entire area. Below is an autocollage of the right-side page.

AutoCollage may be applied to both sides at the same time, respecting the gutter.

It may also be applied to both sides across the gutter.

Autocollage may be applied to selected images on your page. In the example below, the images in the highlighted area have been selected, excluding the one larger photo. Clicking on the selected image autocollage button will arrange collage only those images within the selected area.

Note that the section region can be resized and repositioned. Drag the area by the handles around the group to change its position and size.

To break the group selection, click anywhere on the canvas outside of the selection, or outside of the canvas itself. 

 Learn how to jumble your collage.

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