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How to I make a web album?

Create an online Web Album version of your project under the Finalize tab.

A web album is a 150 DPI resolution jpg render of your project's pages, uploaded to the MementoPix Clouds and accessible via a sharable web link.  Web albums allow you to view one spread at a time, and manually navigate through the pages. They are available for 90 days from the time they are published.

A subscription is required to use this service.

(For client proofing tools with feedback/comment features, go to the Review tab to Send to Review.) 

Select a color for the background of your web album. Your project's palette will be available for selection to complement your design.
Click Publish web album to complete the render and upload.

When the upload is complete, you can launch the album in your default web browser, or copy the web site address (url) to your clipboard to paste into an email, messenger service or social media post.

The expiration date is listed. An email will be sent to you with the link and the expiration date, should you wish to set a reminder in your calendar to republish the project.

To view the web album in a browser, simply launch it via the URL. Swipe on the sides of the page to move through the album's pages. The last slide displays the album's expiration date.

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