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Version 4.0 now available

In this release, Memento Pro has been rebranded as memento Photo Album.

New features include:

  • New Project tab tiles: choose among Cards, Single Page / Poster, Proof Book, Wedding Album and Photo Album
  • A new "Advanced Book Wizard" will auto-detect similar photos to stack them in your composition - no need to sort out your image collection for "best of" photos in a series any more.
  • Face detection allows better positioning of photos based on the photographer's intentions
  • Revamped styles
  • Revamped templates and layouts
  • A new "favourite" tag option gives you quick access to the templates you like the most
  • A time gap system in the photo timeline lets you see where spaces of time exist in a series of photos, used to ensure that photos from two separate time groups don't overlap on the same page of your album

Already installed Memento Pro? It will auto-update if launched online.

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