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The REVIEW tab

The Review tab enables you to check your project for potential errors, and to create a proof document/upload to share with your clients.

You can also run a test print with your proof document if you are printing on your own equipment.

Needs Your Attention

Review your project for potential errors before sending it to your clients to final render.

Errors (red) highlight potentially serious issues, such as blank pages within the album. 

Warnings (gold) include issue problems that may need your attention, such as duplicate images, frames hanging outside of margins, and text spacing issues.

To view the reported issues, hover on the preview image in the Error & Warning section and click on the wrench icon.

The relevant page will open in the Editor, whereupon you can adjust the layout if necessary.

Not all Errors or Warnings require your intervention - you may intend your project to appear in a particular way that would trigger an error.  For instance, you might want a jumble of photos spilling off the edge of your page, or you may have used an image twice for an effect. 

Client Review

Choose between three options:
  • Client Review App: Uploads a web album preview of your project and notifies your client by email to download an app (Android, Apple) where they can view, approve and comment on your pages. Once they have submitted your review, you will receive their comments back by email.
  • PDF Proof: Renders a pdf  with watermarks, to be send to your client by your preferred means.
  • Printing Proof:  Renders a low-resolution pdf to test for printing.

Client Review App
Provide your client with an easy-to-view preview of their project, accessible in the free Memento Review tool. Your customer can approve comments and provide feedback on the project directly in the app. 

View the Video tutorial to see this process in action.

To send the project to the customer, click on Send to Review.

Complete the form - your details and the customer's details. You can add your company logo and even set an expiration date to ensure the customer gets back to you promptly.

Click Send for Review - your customer will receive an email with instructions to download the Memento Review ap and login information to view the project.

Once the app is installed, your client can log in with their email address and code.

They will receive their review deadline.

And learn how to use the app with on-screen instructions.

They can approve pages.

They can write comments.

After every page has been approved or received comments in the app, their review can be submitted. You will receive an email back with the details within a few minutes.

PDF Proof
A PDF Proof generate sa custom watermarked pdf file which can then be sent to your client in any manner you wish - email attachment, dropbox link, etc.

Set up your render options: add a file name, and a page range.

You can choose to add your own company watermark (works best with a png file with transparency).

Choose to overlay the image file names onto the proof, to help identify photos in your layouts when discussing the project with clients.

Click on Render to produce the file to create a pdf with your choice of applied settings.

Customer proofs render at the trim line of the page, to give an accurate depiction of the finished album.

The rendered pdf will be saved to Documents\Memento\Projects\Proof PDF by default.


A Printing Proof produces a watermarked pdf suitable for running printer tests. 

A printing poof is not custom watermarked, and allows you to configure printing options. 

Choose to render only to the trim line, or extend to include the bleed area and crop marks as well.

Render the pages as full double spreads, or split doubles into sides.

Choose to render one file for all pages, to render each page as a separate file, or to split the cover as a separate file from the rest of the book.

The rendered pdf will be saved to Documents\Memento\Projects\Proof PDF by default.

Next Steps
Review your PDF file with your client. If you need to send the pdf to your client, use one of many available file transfer services, such as Google Drive, or This will avoid problems associated with large email attachments.

If further changes are needed to your project, return to the Editor tab to continue working on it. You can render proofs of your project as many times as required, at no charge.

Review and proof, then finalize to print
Until your project is finalized, Memento is entirely free to use. 

Finalizing your project into a completed printable file requires a subscription. You can generate proofs multiple times without subscription.


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