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Canvas Background Options

Your canvas background can be used creatively to display images, a color or a texture.
For some creative inspiration on background images, watch the tutorial video on this subject.

Option 1: Use a photo

Drag an individual image from the photo collection area to your page to your blank canvas.

It will be added to an image frame, no crop, dead center on the page. 

To cover the entire background, drag the image to the double-spread icon over the page. The image will be cropped to fix the shape of the page.

To fill either the left-side or right-side background,  drag your photo to the right or left page icons over the canvas.

If the image is already on your canvas in a layout, select the image and open its general options icon.

Choose Set as full canvas background, or select the image then hit B on your keyboard.

Note that the image is not locked into position.

 If you apply a new layout, the image will be added back to the new layout. Lock it into place after adding it to the background - this option is under the General icon of the image.

Option 2: Use a color

Add a background color to your canvas.

Click outside your canvas, or on a blank area of your canvas, then click on the background color icon..
The tool will display two options - a full spread background color, or a split left/right page option.

Click on the button next to Spread or Double to select either option.

To apply color to the entire spread, click on the color chip, then use the Color palette to choose a color.

In this example, the eyedropper was used to select a color from one of the images on the canvas.
To apply color to a single side, select the Double option, and then click on either the Left or Right Background Color chip.

Use the Color Palette to select a color, which will only apply to your selected side.
Note: Style presets include background canvas color options.

Use a Style preset, or create your own, to quickly style individual spreads or apply single background color to all your pages.  

Learn more about Styles and how to create your own custom set.

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