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Inter-image spacing

Inter-image spacing options are best understood by viewing the tutorial overview video on this matter.

Adjusting the spacing on layouts
By default, your layouts will be made with zero padding between adjacent image frames. 
While in the Book editor, you can add or reduce padding between adjacent frames.

Change the spacing slider, and then apply a new layout to the page.

Adjusting the spacing on pages
While in Editor: Page mode, you can adjust the spacing between images that share a white snap line.
In this example, the images are all flush to each other, sharing common snaps.

Select two or more adjacent frames to change their spacing, change the spacing amount, the apply it to the selection.

Blue margin lines and white snap lines can be dragged on the ruler bar directly to reposition any frames locked to them.

View the video on adjusting margins to see the concept in action.

The white snap lines indicate the edge of an image, shape or text frame.
Images, text or shapes that share a white snap line will resize together if you drag their common snap line.

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