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The EDITOR tab: Page editor - Image & text frame tools

View the Basic Image Tools and Design Tools videos for an overview.

Adjusting Frame Size & Position

To resize a frame, select it to, then pull on the handles around its edge.

The top and bottom handles resize the height of the frame. 
The side handles resize the width of the frame. The corner handles resize the frame respecting its aspect ratio (length-to-height ratio).

Pick up an image from its frame to add back to the dropper.

Drop the image on the canvas into another frame.

Hit Esc on your keyboard to close the dropper, or Delete on your keyboard to remove the image from the dropper.

Drag up or down on the crop/zoom tool to reset the size of your image. 

Double-click this icon to reset the zoom to default.

Set the image as a feature frame - which will change the border and effects properties according to your selected Style...

Reposition the image within the frame by dragging on the position handle. Double-click this icon to reset the image position to default center.

Rotate the entire frame by dragging the rotate handle side to side. Hold the Alt-key to rotate in small snapped increments.

To delete a framesimply select an image frame and hit "delete" on your keyboard.

The image menu icon offers further options:

Make a selected image cover the entire background - the image will move to the back of the image frame stack.

Images can be flipped within their frames...

Images can be reset to default, removing any attributes added to them. 

They can also be reset to expose the entire image with the frame.

Images can be locked in place. 

A locked image will not move when layouts are shuffled.

Click on the lock icon to unlock the image.

Grouping frames
Multi-selected items on your canvas by default work as a group.

When you drag your cursor over several elements at once, you will notice that handles appear around the entire group. 

Resizing the group will be proportional, with all selected elements keeping their position relative to each other. 

Click off the group to break it back into individual selections.

Re-aligning/re-ordering frames on your page

All items on your page are stacked in the order they were dropped on your page.

To move a frame up or down the stack, click on the Arrange icon.

Move the image or shape to the very top or very bottom of the stack, or move it one level up or down. 

Adjusting Image and Shape Attributes
Select one or more frames on your page, and adjust their properties on the right-side pane.

Apply a border shape and style to the frame - adjust fill and edge color, width, opacity, and, if applicable, the corner effect amount.

More details: click here.
Change the shadow properties - including offset, blur, angle and transparency.

More details: click here.
Add image effects, either using preset filters...

... or custom settings.

Note: to return to the image’s default settings, choose the Normal frame option under the filter section.

More details - click here.
Add a gradient effect.

More details - click here.
Change general properties, such as transparency or the image angle and size.

Apply a color fill to the canvas background - select the canvas background, access the fill options, then add a background to the entire canvas or each side separately.

For more details on canvas background options, click here.
Adding Shapes to a Page
Use shapes to add visual interest to your page. A shape is simply an image frame that has a full color fill where a photo would normally be placed. 

Shape controls are identical to Image controls, except they cannot be split nor can they have image effects applied to them.

Adding Text to a Page
Click on the Tt icon to add text to your page.

Text can be set to be a Title, a Subtitle or normal Body text. Your Styles settings will determine how the text will appear based on its type.

More details - click here.

Double-click the text to customize.  

The entire contents of the text will automatically be selected on first click - click again to position your cursor inside the text for selective editing. 

Adjust the font, color, contour, and other text properties.

Some attributes, such as font, shadow, text size, color and opacity, font atttributes, and outlining can be applied on a selected portion of the text within a text frame. Other attributes, such as justification (left, centre, right, full / top, center, bottom) occur for the entire frame, not for a selected portion of the text. More details - click here.

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