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How do I make a collage automatically?

AutoCollage is available on the Page Editor.

AutoCollage fills your entire page from margin to margin with a "best fit" of images.

To auto-collage a page, add a collection of images on your page, then select the AutoCollage icon on the right side menu.

Without selecting any images on your canvas, click on either the left or right side option, or the double-page or spread options.

The images on the corresponding part of your canvas will be arranged into a new composition, filling the page or spread as the case may be.

If you only want to apply the collage to a limited number of images on your page, select the images on your canvas, then click on the selected auto-collage icon.

Note that the section region can be resized and repositioned.

Drag the area by the handles around the group to change its position and size.

To break the group selection, click anywhere on the canvas outside of the selection, or outside of the canvas itself.
To achieve a scattered image effect, select the AutoJumble icon.
Apply a jumbled effect to either side of the page, or both sides, or to a selected group of images on your canvas in the same manner as auto-collage.

Adjust the slider to control the amount of rotation for your frames.

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