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How do I build an album using Timeline Mode?

The timeline display enables you to view and create collections of photos as applied to your album pages.

Click on the eye icon in the photo preview area to switch to the timeline mode.

When starting a new album, the timeline shows your photos sorted by date/time.

In the photo collection area, unused images appear to the right, and a blank page area appears to the left.

Create a page on the timeline in one of three ways:

Simply hover between two photos and then click on the + sign. The photos to the left of the division will automatically apply to a spread and then be sorted into a page collection.

Or drag photos in-between spreads...

or in-between collections in the photo collection area.  A new spread and collection will be created at that position in the timeline.

Or simply drag photos from one collection to another. This will trigger a new layout to be created on the selected spread.

You can also drag photos directly onto a spread above in the book preview area - this will apply the photo to an existing spread in a new layout, and will add them to the pages' collection in the photo preview area.

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