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Text justification & direction

Text Justification

To change the justification of your text, select a text frame on your canvas.

Click on the Text Attributes icon.

Justification options will appear near the top of the options.
Choose among left, center, right and full justification options..

Justification applies the entire content of the text frames, not selected text within the frame.

Should you need to change justification to a portion of your text, make a copy (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V in Windows, Cmd-C/Cmd-V on Mac) of the text frame, delete the extra content in both frames, and apply justification as required.
Text Direction

Should you need to write in a language that requires a different text direction than left-to-right orientation, you can change the text direction in Memento Pro.

To change the direction of your text, select a text frame on your canvas.

Click on the Text Attributes icon.

Direction attributes will appear at the bottom of the options - scroll down to access it.
Change your text from left-to-right, top-to-bottom or right-to-left, as required.

Note: if you are using non Roman characters or a language with additional characters (accents), the font you are choosing needs to support those characters. Not all fonts support all character types - some only support the standard Roman alphabet.

Search online for fonts supporting your language choice, install it on your computer, and relaunch Memento to ensure that it sees the new font. Apply it to your text frame in order to display the characters.

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