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How do I edit a photo outside of Memento Pro?

Many effects and all cropping of your images can be done directly in Memento Pro.

Effect and cropping in Memento Pro are non-destructive to your images, meaning that any changes are applied to the frame containing the image, and not the photo itself. You cannot overwrite or make un-doable changes to your source images in the software.

Should you need to make a fine-detail edit to a photo already in a layout, you can send it directly to your photo editor of choice.

To send an image to your external photo editing software, first, select the image.

Click on the image's menu icon, and choose Edit in External application.
If you haven't already used this option, you will be prompted to select your eternal editor of choice - choose Yes to the prompt.

The User Preferences window will appear.

Click on the ... button to open your file manager.

Navigate to your the folder containing your photo editing software then the file used to launch that software.

For example, on a Windows computer, look for the Photoshop.exe file in C:/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop.

On a Mac, you will look for the file in your App folder.

Once you've specified the file, apply your setup changes.

Your image will now launch in your external editor.

Once you have saved the changes to your file, it will automatically update on your Memento Pro canvas.
Should you need to change your default editor choice, you can do so under the General options.

Choose User Preferences then Advanced to access your photo editor path.

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