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Multi Monitor

 It will be good if we can use Memento with multi monitor

  • You can take Memento out of full screen mode (GENERAL menu item) and stretch it across two monitors. But the component portions are locked into the main window. How might a multi-screen Memento appear to you if it were to change? Let us know more about how you would envisage this to work.

  • its not usefull to use it on two monitors as you mention. The best way will be to have images on second monitor as in fotofusion you can flow the image panel. 

  • Hi Dimitri, We're releasing Version 2.0 today and we've added some dual monitor support. 

    You'll be able to drag and drop images from your file manager directly onto your Memento Pro layouts (bypassing the Photo tab and photo collection pane). We've also added Layout Preview - a new mode to see your images in all the available layout combinations. This preview window can be moved to a second screen.

    Full details will be posted on the Memento Pro website.

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  •  I hope you will add also image on second monitor soon. In Wedding album you need to see all your information easy so you can organize your album easy. Little thing is missing from memento to be great.

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