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Memento 3.0 is now available (build 3412)

New features include:

  • Flexible licensing options: Memento Pro now offers the licensing option of a one-time purchase. One-time license holders will enjoy full use of the software's design features and project rendering to print-ready files, plus one year of support services and updates. An affordable monthly subscription ($9.95 usd/mo) is also available to access these features as well as ongoing support, upgrades and cloud-based features (proofing app, slide show & web album).

  • Masks: Photos and shapes may be placed into all variety of cut-out masks. A new stock collection of marker, painted and sponge-edged masks is now available. Custom shapes may easily be added to create a personal collection.

  • Hue controlJoining the array of image effects is the hue slider, providing the ability to subtly or dramatically shift all colors in an image. Hue complements the Tint & Temperature controls to provide complete color adjustment options for any image.

Already installed Memento Pro? It will auto-update if launched online.

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