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The REVIEW tab

The Review tab enables you to check your project for potential errors, to create a proof document/upload to share with your clients, or to generate a file suitable for a test print on your own in-studio equipment. Proofing does not finalize your project or lock if for future editing. After proofing your project, you may return to the Editor and continue to work on it.

An active subscription is required to use online proofing tools.

Checking for Problems

Before using any of the proofing tools, click on the Needs Your Attention option to ensure your work is in good order.

Errors (in red) highlight potentially serious issues, such as blank pages within an album. Warnings (in gold) include issue problems that may need your attention, such as duplicate images, frames hanging outside of margins, and text spacing issues.

To view the reported issues in the Editor, hover on the preview image in the Error & Warning section and click on the wrench icon. The relevant page will open in the Editor, whereupon you can adjust the layout if necessary.

Not all Errors or Warnings require your intervention - you may intend your project to appear in a particular way that would trigger an error. For instance, you might want a jumble of photos spilling off the edge of your page, or you may have used an image twice for an effect. 

Review tools

Click on any of the following three options...

Client Review App: Uploads a web album preview of your project and notifies your client by email to download an app (Android, Apple) where they can view, approve and comment on your pages. Once they have submitted their review, you will receive their comments back by email. Learn more about this tool and view the video tutorial.

PDF Proof: Renders a pdf with watermarks, to be sent to your client by your preferred means. Review your PDF file with your client in person, or if you need to send the pdf to your client, use one of many available file transfer services, such as Google Drive, or This will avoid problems associated with large email attachments. Learn more about this tool.

Printing Proof:  Renders a low-resolution pdf to test printing (size, color, margins). Learn more about this option.


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