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How do I print my project?

To avoid problems with printer drivers and rip software, projects cannot be printed directly from the Memento Pro software.

To print on your in-studio equipment, finalize your project to pdf or jpg format then print from those files directly. You can review the final files before sending them to print, ensuring best results. Procedures for getting your project to a printing company be found in article entitled How do I upload my project to a printing company? 

A license is required to use any rendering service. 

Review and proof, then finalize

Before finalizing your project, be sure to pass through the Review process. The Review process checks your project for potential errors (empty frames, missing images, etc.), and enables you to create a watermarked pdf proof document. The proof document can be shared with your clients, if applicable, or printed locally to ensure the album is exactly as you require before finalizing it.

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