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How can printing companies get their product sizes into MementoPix products?

MementoPix is currently not soliciting new printing partners for its album layout software. You may add your custom page sized under the Settings tab for your printing partner of choice. Be sure to receive all dimensions needed to complete the page setup, including:

  • trimmed page height & width
  • safe inset margins (top, bottom, edge, gutter)
  • bleed inflate value (top, bottom, edge, gutter)
  • cover spine widths (note that spine width changes with number of pages in the album)
  • if the first and last pages of the book are printed
  • the minimum and maximum number of pages allowed

Learn how to create a custom project or page size.

MementoPix also published the Memento Yearbook online app- we invite printing companies to contact us to learn how we can help work with their customers better.

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