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Inter-image spacing

Watch the tutorial video to understand inter-image spacing.

Understanding inter-image spacing

Adjacent frames on your canvas share a snapline - indicated by the white markers around the canvas edge.
The amount of padded space between snapped images is controlled by the spacing value.

When an image is dragged into position on your canvas, guidelines will appear to help you snap frames together. The spacing between the frames remains consistent.

You may change the amount of spacing between images in your layouts. Move the spacing slider on the Book or Page editor, and then apply a new layout to the page. 

In this example, new interframe spacing is applied in the Book editor. Adjust the slider, and apply a new layout to any one page. The new layout will adjust the inter-image spacing.

Adjusting selected images on a page

In the Page Editor, you may select image frames that are snapped together (0 spacing) and readjust them. 

In this example, four images are placed in a spread with 0 spacing between them. The images are all snapped together.

To adjust the spacing between snapped images on this page, select a group of them, then change the spacing slider. Finally, click on the spacing adjustment tool to apply the new settings.

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