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Locking an image into position

By default, images placed into layouts are not locked into position. You may move any selected frame on the page and apply it into a new layout. However, while fine-tuning your composition you may want to keep some images in place and design around them.

Locking an image in place

A locked image will not move when a new layout is applied, and may not be selected. Use this feature when you wish to cover all or part of your canvas with an image that will act as a texture or background, or need to keep a feature image in position.

To lock an image, select it, access its general options icon, and choose Lock, or hit the key on your keyboard while the frame is selected.

If a new layout is applied to the area, the locked frame will remain in place. Unlocked images will move over the locked image.
To unlock, simply double-click the lock icon, or return to the general options icon.

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