How do I apply a layout to my page?

Modified on Thu, 28 Mar 2019 at 05:26 PM

Layouts offer arrangements of image frames, organized by the type of page. There are three ways to apply layouts to your pages. In all cases, you can add images to your canvas before or after the layout it applied. 

  • The Layout pane lets you pick specific layouts by side or spread, specifying the exact number of image frames.
  • Layout shuffle lets you try out random arrangements to the image frames already on your page.
  • Layout preview lets you try out specific layouts matching the number of image frames on your page, letting you see your images in the layouts before applying them.

Note that layouts will always apply to your page respecting your margins.

Using the Layouts Pane

Pre-made layouts can be quickly applied from the Layouts pane in the Page Editor. To apply a layout, choose the Left side, Right Side, or Spread option, then choose the number of image frames desired in the layout. Click on the layout of your choice to apply it to your page.

You may add a layout to an empty page, or to one that has an equal or greater number of frames than images on your page. 

Using Layout Shuffle

Shuffle through random layout alternatives by using the icons directly over the canvas.

Shuffle the entire spread, without respecting the gutter line. 

Shuffle the entire spread, respecting the gutter line. 

Shuffle only the right or the left side at a time. If your starting layout has images straddling the gutter line, first shuffle the images into separate sides using the "respect centre line" shuffle option. The left & right shuffle icons will become available at this point. 

Using Layout Preview 

Click on the Layout Preview icon over the canvas to access the previews.  The Layout Preview window will appear. 

The previews display layout and image arrangement alternatives - so this method works best if images are already on your page.  The preview pane will only display layouts with the same number of frames as there are images on your page. Notice that the preview pane can be moved away from the main application, even onto a second screen. 

Click on any of the layouts to apply them to your page. 

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