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Text Color and Opacity

Select a text frame on your canvas  - you can either select the frame as a whole or select a portion of the text inside the frame.  

Access the Text Attributes options. To change the text's color, click on the color tile. The Color palette will open.

If your Color palette shows black, then slide the gradient bar to the top to reveal brighter shades.

To select a color, do any of the following:

  1.  Click on the rainbow gradient to choose a color.
  2.  Pick a shade using the gradient slider.
  3.  Click on a palette preset (determined by your Style).
  4. Type in HSV, RGB or Hex code boxes for exact color assignments.
  5. Use the eyedropper to sample a color from your page.
  6. Use the opacity slider to make the text more transparent.

Note that you can select portions of text within the frame to add more than one color to your text.

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