How do I create an album of single full-page images?

Modified on Tue, 22 May, 2018 at 11:03 AM

Under Projects, choose a new album project (Senior or Wedding).
Under Settings, pick a book size.

Ensure that your Number of Pages is set to a high enough maximum to accommodate the number of images in your set - one per page.
Under Photos, add the images you wish to include in your album.
Under Editor, choose the Book view.

Click on the Book Wizard icon.
Select the following options:

Fill As...

Fill as Double
to place one image per page (2 images per side),


Fill as Spread 
to place one image per spread

Choose Single Image Layout under the Image Distribution options.

Choose from three options...
Maximized - Cropped

Your photos will be positioned to fill up an entire page or entire spread, cropped to fit the available space. 
Centered - No Crop

Photos will be positioned mid-page or mid-spread, uncropped, to the maximum available width or height.f
Centered - No Crop with titles

The images will be positioned one per page or one per spread, flush centre to top edge, with an empty text frame under each photo
Next, sort the images as you like (File date/time or File name).

Choose BUILD MY BOOK to view the results.
Once the album is built, you can open the Page Editor view to reposition or apply other changes to images, if required.
To reflow the book in a different manner, return to the Book option under Editor, and access the Book Wizard again.

Alternatively, you can use the Proof Book workflow tile to create a similar layout, which will automatically add the file name under the image.

Click here to learn more about Proof Books.

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