How do I auto-generate a proof book or contact sheet album?

Modified on Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 01:47 PM

Under the Projects tab, choose the Proof Book project type. Project tile presets enable certain features, such as particular types of wizards, templates, styles and other features.  

After configuring your book settings and adding a photo collection, move to the Editor's Book tab. Click on the Proof Book Wizard icon.

The proof book wizard is designed to get your photo collection into a labelled grid-style arrangement quickly.  It will create a ready-to-print album in seconds, or it can be used as a starting point to get photos onto pages in order. You may customize each page after generating the album.  The proof book wizard offers you choices as to how your album pages will be filled.

Choose a title option, if desired. If a title is added, it will appear at the top of every page. Leave this blank if you do not want the pages to be titled.
Choose to watermark the images - type your watermark text. It will be added on top of each image. Leave this blank to produce an unwatermarked album. (Note that other watermarking options are available in project proofing tools).

Select the number of photos to display per page.

Choose to show the image file name under each image, if desired.

Decide how the images will be flown in the book. Choose Mixed orientation to combine portrait and landscape images on the same page.

Alternatively, group images by their format. Choose to group the portrait orientation images first, followed by landscape orientation, or vice-versa.

Choose image sorting options - by File date/Time or File name.  If you are using images from more than one camera, use File date/time to get the photos in sequence. If your images come from a single camera or have been renamed, use File Name.

Click on Build My Proof Book to generate your project. 

If you need to reflow your book with different options, return to the Book Editor, click on the Wizard Icon, and start again.

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