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Face Detection

Face detection is used to know how to position your photos within their containing frames, and also to know if a photo contains a group of people, such as in a wedding group photo.  When a group photo is detected, it is placed on its own page, without other photos.

Note: the green rectangles are simply there for illustration purposes.

Turn Face Detection On/Off

Enabling or disabling face detection is an available feature. When activated, the software identifies faces in images being placed into frames. It pans the detected faces into view, considering their proximity to the photo's edges, aligning with the original photographic intent. The system prioritizes keeping the face prominently displayed within the destination frame.

Highlight Detected Faces

With face detection active and the 'Highlight Detected Faces' option selected, the software outlines each recognized face with a green rectangle. This visual cue assists in identifying the location and presence of faces within the image.

Out-of-Frame Indicator

If face detection is enabled and the 'Out-of-Frame Indicator' option is selected, the software displays a red face icon to signal the absence of a face in the image frame. This feature is particularly useful for identifying overly cropped photos, ensuring important facial details are not inadvertently omitted.

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