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The PHOTOS tab

Projects are associated to a selection of images.

Add your images to your project's collection under PHOTOS.

In this area, add your images to the project's photo collection.

If you save and close your project then reopen it, the associated photo collection will still be linked to it.

The photo collection allows you to check on the status of used and unused images. It allows you to sort by rating, file name and date, which will be useful when using certain auto-tools to build your album.

Locating your images

To find your images on your computer, use the folder navigation tool on the left side of the screen.

Select a folder to display your images in preview.

If you've added a new folder or images since launching Memento, click on the Refresh icon to reindex your folders.

Image Preview

The top preview window displays the photos in the currently selected folder. 

Change the size of the image thumbnails to suit your needs.

Image preview options

Turn on High-Res Thumbnails to improve the quality of the images in preview. 

Note: this will increase the time required to (re)draw image previews.

Click on the expand icon for a larger individual preview of the image.

File information display options

Click on the Menu icon to show or hide file names, or show/hide ratings. 

Note: ratings are added to your images from your image editing software.

Image Sorting

Sort your images by:

  • File date/time
  • File name (alphabetical)
  • or by ranking (as added in your image editing software).

Adding images to the collection

Add images to your collection so they can be used on your project.

To add an entire folder's work on images, choose Select All  over the top preview area.

Click Add to place the images in the Collection pane.

To add images individually,
hovering over them, one at a time.

Clik on the + sign in the middle of the image thumbnail. 

The image will be transferred to the collection pane.

To add images from another folder, simply navigate to the folder on the top left pane, then add the new images to your collection.

You can return to Photos to add images as required any time during the Editing process.

The Photo Collection pane

The images associated with your project are displayed in the Collection pane on the Photo tab, the Book Editor, the Page Editor and the Cover Editor.

Change the size of the preview images by adjusting the Thumbnails slider, as described above, or choose to resize the thumbnails to fit the view.

The size of the photo collection pane is adjustable. 

Hover over the border of the pane and the are above it, then click down and drag to increase or decrease the height of the pane.

Sorting images in the collection pane

Your collection pane can be sorted by date/time, file name, or by ranking, as described above.

Click on the Menu icon to show or hide file names and ratings under the images.

Used Images

By default, images that have been used in your project will not be displayed in the Photo Collection pane. This allows you to more easily focus on the unused images.

To show all the photos in the collection, click on the Menu icon and deselect the "hide images used in project" option.

Images that have been used once in your project will be marked with a green tab in the corner. Images used two or more times will display an orange tab.

Removing images from the collection

To remove the images from your project's collection, choose Select all, then Remove

Note that images already placed on a page of your project cannot be removed.

To remove an individual image from the collection, hover over it in the collection and click on the - button.

Click on the "expand" icon in the top right corner of the image for a larger individual preview of the image, as described above.

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