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How do I auto-generate an entire photo album?

Under the Projects tab, choose the General Photo Album or Wedding Album project types. Project tile presets enable certain features, such as particular types of wizards, templates, styles and other features.  

After configuring your book settings and adding a photo collection, move to the Editor's Book tab. Click on the Book wizard icon.

The Book Wizard is designed to get your photo collection into attractive layouts quickly.  It will create a ready-to-print album in seconds, or it can be used as a starting point to get photos onto pages which then can be edited individually. The book wizard offers you choices as to how your album pages will be filled.

Choose to fill the pages as doubles separately, meaning the gutter line will be respected, placing images only on the left and right sides of the page.

Or the pages can be filled across the spread, with images straddling the gutter. Note that certain binding techniques may cause the images in the center to be occluded.  Usually this option is only suitable for lay-flat style books.

Checkmark the "Add images to first single page and last single page" box if your book settings include a single page to start and end your book.
Leave this unchecked if your book settings do not include single sides, or if you want to leave these pages blank to make custom pages (eg. inside and back covers with a single featured image).

Specify the way your photo collection will be distributed across your book. You can choose the number of pages to create - where the images will be distributed more or less evenly over those pages.

You can choose to specify the minimum and maximum number of images to include on each page. Your book will generate pages until there are no more images to add.

Or choose a Single Image layout format, where one image is added per page.

For the single image option, decide how the images will be placed on the page. Choose the Maximized - cropped (best fit) to fill each side with a single images, cropped to fit.

Choose Centered - No crop to place a single uncropped image dead center on each side.

Or choose Centered - No Crop and Titles to place a single uncropped image photo on each side with a text frame under it, ready to be captioned.

If your goal is to create a proof book or contact-sheet style layout, use a Proof book project type and the proof book wizard.

Image sorting options determine the order in which your photos will be sorted onto pages. Choose file date/time to add the images in chronological sequence. This choice is ideal for creating an album for an event where two or more cameras were used.  Choose file name to simply add photos in order of the name of the file (alphabetically). Use this option if you have renamed your files, or have only used a single camera to shoot an event.

Click on Build My Book to generate the album respecting your choices. 

Once the book is built, you can continue to edit it, apply alternative layouts, and change the style of the book.  You can even reflow the entire book using the book wizard to use different settings.

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