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How do I use my own decorations/clip art?

Should you own a collection of decorative graphics - clipart, background papers - you can set up a default folder so they can be accessed in Memento Pro.

Click on GENERAL > User Preferences > Advanced tab to specify the folder where your decorations are located:

To access your collection in the editor, change the photo collection option to My decorations. In the example below, a collection of background textures has been made available.

Decorations versus Normal Images 

Images designated as decorations do not behave like photos. If a new layout is applied to a page, decorations will not change position.

Images originating from My Decorations or Style Decorations in the Photo Collection will automatically be recognized as decorations.
You can tag any image on your canvas as a decoration as well, useful if you are using a photo as an embellishment.

To tag an image as a decoration, select the image, click on the general properties, and then change it from "normal" to decoration.

In this example, an image has been placed on the page to be used as a gradient background.  After tagging it as a decoration, this image will not move when a new layout is applied.

Style-Aware Decorations

There are two types of decorations: regular and style-aware.
Regular decorations simply are images that are not applied into layouts. Tag photo-realistic clipart as a regular decoration. 

Style-aware decorations are line-art graphics. These will inherit the Shapes properties set out in the Style editor.

When you apply a new style to a page or the entire book, style-aware decorations will change properties to respect the selected style.

Note: Any png image with transparency and set to 100% white will automatically be set to a style-aware decoration.

Embellishments which require transparency (like clipart) are ideally saved as png file formats, but other common image file format types are supported.

Note: Any png image with transparency and set to 100% white will automatically be set to a style-aware decoration, like those found in the Memento collection.

Note: LumaPix strongly encourages you to use only commercially distributable graphics in your projects and to respect the usage rights posted on any downloadable image files found on the Internet. LumaPix respects that graphic designers and photographers are skilled professionals with the right to distribute their creations as they see fit, and encourage our customers to do the same.

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