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How do I use decorations?

Memento Pro includes a collection of decorations. New additions to the collection are automatically downloaded to your installation.
A video tutorial is available here.

To learn how to use your own collection of decorative graphics, click here.

To access the Memento Pro decoration collection, click on the photo collection pane's dropdown.

Select Style Decorations to choose the category you wish to view.

The collection will display in the photo pane.

Simply drag and drop your selection graphic onto your canvas, and resize/reorder it on your canvas it as required.

Style-sensitive decorations will conform to your selection of Style presets.

Change the applied Style on your page or entire book, and your decoration will behave according to the preset, changing color and other image attributes.

The collection currently includes the following group of decorations:

Lines, labels, appliqués and flourishes can simply be added to your canvas as decorative embellishments.

Overlays and half-tones work well with blending modes applied to them.
Drag the decoration to your canvas, then position it, then access the General properties options:

Adjust the transparency and Canvas blend options as required.

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