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How do I transfer my projects and custom presets to a new computer?

By default, your projects are saved to \Documents\Memento\Projects\  but you can change the default folder path to another folder on your system.

To move a project from one computer to another, copy the .memento project file over. Note, however, that the project may reopen on the new computer with missing content:

  • your photos are not embedded into the project. Copy the photos to the new computer then rewire the photos to the project. 
  • fonts are not embedded into your project. If you are using a particular font in a project, it will need to be installed on the new computer as well.
  • custom masks, decorations and other content added to your projects need to be copied to the new computer as well, and added back to the software.

Custom styles and presets are saved to \Documents\Memento\Presets\. Simply copy the files within this folder to the new computer, then relaunch the software. They will become available for use again. 

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