How do I fix "missing" images?

Modified on Mon, 01 Apr 2019 at 05:00 PM

Memento does not embed images directly into your projects. It links back to the original images, using enhanced thumbnail versions of them to create your pages, and then creates high-resolution renders using the source files when you finalize the project. The software works in this manner to manage your computer's memory usage while building large projects.

If your images become inaccessible to your project, Memento Pro will warn you. Images will become inaccessible if:

  • you rename the image file
  • you move the file to a new folder
  • you move the containing folder to a new location
  • the containing folder is located on a drive that is no longer accessible to the computer.

Missing photos will appear in the collection pane with red red thumbnails.

Click on one of the red thumbnails to open the Reconnection window:

Open the folder where the images are located.  If images with the same file names are found, the thumbnails will be reconnected. If some images are not found, a new warning will appear:

Continue until all your images are rewired. You can reconnect photos even if they have been renamed, but double-check to ensure that the files were properly identified before proceeding with your render.  If you have deleted images or are unable to locate them, you will need to remove the images from your project.

Missing masks

If your transfer a project from one computer to another that uses a custom mask, or if you delete or move your custom mask collection, you will also receive missing image warnings. The only repair in this case it to reimport them or move them back to their original location. 

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