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Installation troubleshooting

Mac users may encounter a warning while installing Memento Pro, stating that the software is from an "unidentified developer."
This warning is presented because the software is not being installed directly from the IStore. To bypass this issue, simply right-mouse select the file and choose Open. (More detailed info directly from Apple can be found here.)

Windows users may find that their anti-virus software prevents Memento Pro from running. Should you receive a message from your antivirus software that it is deleting or quarantining the software, rest assured this is a "false positive."  Memento Pro contains no malware or viruses. The software is run through a battery of anti-virus checks before it is released.

Unfortunately, on occasion, anti-virus software providers will release an update to their products that will trigger a false positive. In this case, we will contact the anti-virus software manufacturer to ensure that they repair this issue. However, this can take time, so we recommend setting an exception in your anti-virus software to allow Memento Pro to work.

  • Open your antivirus software settings panel. This is usually accessible in the bottom right corner of your Windows installation, in the tray near your clock.
  • Look for an area to set Exceptions. The location of this option is different for each product, so you might want to search the internet for your product. "How to set an exception in (your product name)" should help get you the right information.
  • Exclude mementosetup.exe in your Downloads folder, if you can't install the software.
  • Exclude C:/ProgramData/LumaPix if the software will not run after installation.

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