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Adding text to your page

Click on the Tt icon to add a text frame to your page. 

The frame may be resized by dragging the handle surrounding it.

To select a single text frame, simply click on it.

To select more than one text frame, drag your mouse to catch both frames. To select non-adjacent frames, hold the Ctl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key then click individually add to frames to your selection.

To add or edit text within the frame, first double-click inside the text frame. The entire contents of the frame will be selected. Start typing to replace everything inside the text frame.

To edit within existing text, select the frame, double-click to select everything, then click once more at the point you wish to insert the cursor. When you start typing, you won't delete what was written before. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate around the text, select a portion of the text within the frame, and even delete selected text.

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