Resolving File Permission Issues When Transferring from Mac to PC

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 09:05 AM

When transferring a project from a Mac to a PC using remote desktop solutions like Anydesk, users may encounter security permission issues that prevent the files from being accessible from Memento Photo Album as expected. This commonly arises because the file's security settings, specifically the 'Everyone' permission, are not automatically applied during the transfer. 

To ensure that a file copied from a Mac to a PC has the "Everyone" security option enabled, you need to adjust the file's permissions on the PC after the file has been transferred. Here's a general approach to achieve this:

On the Mac

  • Prepare the File for Transfer:
  • There are no specific permission settings you need to adjust on the Mac side for the "Everyone" group, as this concept is more aligned with Windows NTFS permissions.
  • Ensure the file is accessible (not locked or restricted) to be copied.
  • Transfer the File:
  • Use a USB drive, network transfer, cloud storage, or any other method to transfer the file from your Mac to the PC.

On the PC

After transferring the file to your PC, follow these steps to adjust the permissions:

Locate the File: Navigate to the file's location in File Explorer.

  • Open Properties: Right-click on the file, then select "Properties" from the context menu.
  • Security Tab: Go to the "Security" tab in the Properties window. If you do not see a "Security" tab, it might be because you are trying to change the permissions of a file located on a drive formatted with a file system that does not support NTFS permissions (e.g., FAT32 or exFAT).
  • Edit Permissions: Click on the "Edit" button to change permissions. If prompted by User Account Control (UAC), click "Yes" to proceed.
  • Add the Everyone Group:
    • Click on the "Add" button.
    • In the "Enter the object names to select" box, type Everyone and then click "Check Names" to ensure it's recognized.
    • Click "OK" to add the Everyone group.
  • Adjust Permissions for Everyone:
    • With "Everyone" selected, check the boxes under "Allow" for the permissions you want to grant to everyone. Typically, you might check "Read & execute", "List folder contents", and "Read", but you can adjust these based on your needs.
    • Click "Apply", then "OK" to confirm the changes.
  • Confirm and Close: Click "OK" on any remaining open dialog boxes to close them.

By following these steps, you ensure that the file copied from your Mac to your PC has the "Everyone" security option turned on, making it accessible to all users on that PC. Note that modifying file permissions can have security implications, so be sure to grant only the necessary permissions based on your needs.

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