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How do I make my own style presets?

View the video tutorial on Styles to learn more on their use.

Styles are preset attribute collections: background color, frame border color/shape/effect, text style/font, and decoration color/effects defaults are applied on a per page or to the entire book. A collection of preset styles is included, particular to the project type have selected.

To build your own custom style, first hover over any preset and click on the + icon in the top corner. Give a custom name to your new style, then click Duplicate.  

Next, change the dropbox at the top of the Styles area to show only My Styles.

Hover over the style, and click on the edit icon. The style will launch in the Style Editor.

The editor enables you to set attributes for the various frame types that make up your page designs.

Image frames are styled either as Feature or Normal frames.  A feature frame is usually more decorative, applied to a special photo in the layout via the Feature frame toggle.

Select either image frame individually to update its shape & border, shadow and image effects properties.

Set a color preference for shapes.

Text frames are be customized as Title, Subtitle and body text.

Change the font properties for each type of text.

Memento Pro is bundled with a special set of decorative embellishments that will adapt to styling. Learn more about decorations in general. 

Change the color of decoration to suit your style.

Click on the background to access the color fill option. 

After setting your new style, save it, or save it under a new name, or discard your changes by closing.

Once saved, it will appear under your Style options to apply to your pages.

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